Decorative Light Switchplate Covers- Make Them your New Year’s Resolution

talavera ceramic wall plate on tile backsplashWhat’s your favorite home fashion avenue to travel down? There’s the infamous country road, filled with daisies and worn wood designs. The colonial path brings to mind the heritage this county, while colonial country creates a fine blend of the two. Contemporary, classic contemporary and contemporary country bring a modern flair to the traditional list. No matter your personal home decorating taste, why would you sell your home short by having plain, white, rectangular switch plate covers surrounding your light switches? One needs to have a bit more sense than that, making a promise to take hold of the topic for 2007.Interior designers are still seeing the wide-open floor plans, while interior decorators are still seeing an intense mix of contrasting colors with an extreme and precise attention to detail. One such detail is the plain, bland switch plate cover being eagerly replaced with a decorative, coordinating one.

For example, say you have a great room, complete with cathedral ceilings and antique brass ceiling fan with mahogany blades. The classic “Fleur-de-Lis” pattern is present in both the metal workings and the tiny details throughout. You’ve chosen a calming, sage green for the longest wall, leaving ample space for other neutral colors throughout the room. A plain, white switch plate cover will hardly do any justice in this room but a decorative cover, perhaps with the fleur-de-lis design, mahogany overtones or sage undertones to accent your decorating sense is a more suitable cover for such a significant hole in your wall.Think about the number of times each day that you turn your light switches on and off. Now think about the number of guests you have in your home. You add each accent to your home with care, so why on earth would you buy a $.50 piece of plastic as your switch plate cover?