Questech Switchplates: the Final Touch to Your Kitchen Backsplash! Switchplates are one of the hottest new accessories for your kitchen backsplash. You have invested a lot of time, energy and money into your new beautiful kitchen backsplash, but it still is not complete.Questech is the world’s leading manufacturer of decorative tile, recognized for superior design, innovation and craftsmanship. The company’s legacy of innovation comes from noted sculptor and founder, Roger Questel. Roger invented a breakthrough technology, a process for casting beautiful metal objects at a fraction of the weight and cost of solid metals. His discovery led to the launch of the industry’s first mass-produced metal tiles, creating an important new category in the tile and home improvement markets.

Questech has come out with a line of switchplates that are a cast stone composite made with real natural stone particles. The Sandgate Collection is made up of 9 different switchplate styles(options) available in 2 colors of travertine (01) and noche (02).The nine sizes consist of a single toggle, single duplex, single GFCI, double toggle, double GFCI, triple toggle, triple GFCI, toggle/duplex combo and a toggle/GFCI combo.The switchplates come with a coordinating mounting hardware and are recessed for a flush smooth finish. The single plates will retail for less than $10 each, while the doubles and triples will range from $15 – $20 each respectively. This is a small price to pay for the total completion of your backsplash.

All Questech products are permanently protected by Q-Seal, a revolutionary lifetime sealer. Q-Seal keeps your tiles and accessories looking as beautiful as the day they were installed. (1) Guaranteed to be water and stain resistant for as long as you own your home. (2) Features Ultra Fresh antimicrobial protection – inhibits stain and odor causing mold and mildew. (3) Worry free cleaning – use any household cleaner.Questech’s products have recieved both the Platinum and Gold 2007 ADEX award(Awards for Design Excellence). The ADEX award are earned annually and constitute the largest and most prestigious awards program for product design of fixtures and finishes marketed to the design trade.

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