Decorative Switchplates Spice Up the Bedroom are many different themes that bedrooms can take, and there are switch plates to match them all. There are switchplate covers that coordinate or contrast with the color of the walls or base boards. There are also themes for hobbies, collectibles and popular decorative images. Consumers can find everything from ladybug switchplates to guitar switchplates for a child’s, teenager’s or adult’s bedroom.Talavera Mexican switchplates do serve a purely functional purpose of hiding unattractive and electrically dangerous wires and light switches from the outside world. These decorative switchplates can also be one of the finishing touches for a complete bedroom design overhaul. Little boys and girls might enjoy ladybug switchplates that remind them of their favorite children’s books. Teenage musicians, on the other hand, might think guitar switchplates are a little bit cooler.

For adults, though, there are many classic and modern switchplate covers that provide new style to the room. Anyone who wants to spice up their bedroom will find that decorative switchplates are a great option. The choice of switchplate covers can reflect one’s individuality and taste, while accenting any theme or helping to brighten up an otherwise dull part of the house. Some people even collect switchplates from different eras, and modern manufacturers make great reproductions of these as well. They’re just one more way to brighten up the bedroom without spending a lot of time or money.For more resources about door knobs or even about decorative mailbox and especially about switchplates please review these links.

Decorative Light Switchplate Covers- Make Them your New Year’s Resolution

talavera ceramic wall plate on tile backsplashWhat’s your favorite home fashion avenue to travel down? There’s the infamous country road, filled with daisies and worn wood designs. The colonial path brings to mind the heritage this county, while colonial country creates a fine blend of the two. Contemporary, classic contemporary and contemporary country bring a modern flair to the traditional list. No matter your personal home decorating taste, why would you sell your home short by having plain, white, rectangular switch plate covers surrounding your light switches? One needs to have a bit more sense than that, making a promise to take hold of the topic for 2007.Interior designers are still seeing the wide-open floor plans, while interior decorators are still seeing an intense mix of contrasting colors with an extreme and precise attention to detail. One such detail is the plain, bland switch plate cover being eagerly replaced with a decorative, coordinating one.

For example, say you have a great room, complete with cathedral ceilings and antique brass ceiling fan with mahogany blades. The classic “Fleur-de-Lis” pattern is present in both the metal workings and the tiny details throughout. You’ve chosen a calming, sage green for the longest wall, leaving ample space for other neutral colors throughout the room. A plain, white switch plate cover will hardly do any justice in this room but a decorative cover, perhaps with the fleur-de-lis design, mahogany overtones or sage undertones to accent your decorating sense is a more suitable cover for such a significant hole in your wall.Think about the number of times each day that you turn your light switches on and off. Now think about the number of guests you have in your home. You add each accent to your home with care, so why on earth would you buy a $.50 piece of plastic as your switch plate cover?

Decorative Switchplates, Don’t be Cheap With Your Walls

hammered copper switchplateIf you are trying to finish your room, with the right touches, such as throw pillows, flowers, vases, trinkets, then don’t forget the switch plates! Have you ever been into a newly decorated house, where they had spent thousands, new carpet or tiles, new furniture, and the first thing you noticed was the gaudy switch plates on the walls!How embarrassing is that?. A lot of people will spend the money on top of the line products, and paint the walls their designer colors and then just stick the same old beat up switch plate covers back on the walls. As the homeowner, you are used to them, you know they fit right, and in reality, didn’t think much about them. They are for function only, and therefore they have to be there so what can you do about it?. The picture on the left shows a hammered copper switchplate, which is a very classy choice.

Well, times have changed and you can get so many beautiful and unique decorative switch plates online now. No longer do you have to go to your local hardware store and pick between white, black, brown or ivory. You know the ones I mean, with the shrink wrap and the tiny screws floating around in the package?With a little imagination, functional can also be beautiful in a house, so take the time, and allow some money in your budget to finish off your walls with the right touches, and shop for some really unique and stunning switch plates. You can follow a theme, and I bet you will find just what you are looking for. Some of these sites have over 200,000 switch plates to pick from. I am sure you can find something better than those plain hardware store ones.