Decorative Light Switchplate Covers- Make Them your New Year’s Resolution

What’s your favorite home fashion avenue to travel down? There’s the infamous country road, filled with daisies and worn wood designs. The colonial path brings to mind the heritage this county, while colonial country creates a fine blend of the two. Contemporary, classic contemporary and contemporary country bring a modern flair to the traditional list. […]

Decorative Switchplates, Don’t be Cheap With Your Walls

If you are trying to finish your room, with the right touches, such as throw pillows, flowers, vases, trinkets, then don’t forget the switch plates! Have you ever been into a newly decorated house, where they had spent thousands, new carpet or tiles, new furniture, and the first thing you noticed was the gaudy switch […]

Decorative Switchplates Spice Up the Bedroom

There are many different themes that bedrooms can take, and there are switch plates to match them all. There are switchplate covers that coordinate or contrast with the color of the walls or base boards. There are also themes for hobbies, collectibles and popular decorative images. Consumers can find everything from ladybug switchplates to guitar […]